Dead by your own cannon

Have you died from you own cannon?

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Jack Gunshot

Honorable Pirate
I was sailing with some firends on a light sloop and we were sailing around shooting tnt (explosive cannon ammo) at ships. So we came up to a ship like every time before and shot it with tnt, but this time it killed me! I am not lieing, it really killed me no clue how it did. It was the most crazies thing ever! If you heard something like this please let me know lol
Jade I'm super mad because on my newer computer i cant find them but on my other computer (vista)

Btw I'll take one next time
Hmm weird... I've ALMOST died in SvS when somebody rammed us and apparently I was in the middle of it. My health went straight down to red.
:mad:ugh i was SvS in my light sloop and some war frigate rammed my ship and i died.... lost all 5,000 bounty to that darn ram. and it also happened when i was privateering against my best friend, they shot some fury directly at me and i died as if i were in PvP, the little fall back death. i kinda quit going on my light sloop after that....