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Dead Men Tell No Tales, but this killed my soul

Discussion in 'TLOPO Tales and Myths' started by Ediego59, Aug 6, 2018.

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    Apr 10, 2018
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    Quick Prelude: This has more or less become a funny joke of a story to tell when ever bosses in the shallows stop dropping, at least to me, I know there are people out there like my Brobeans Bort that would probably volunteer themselves to the gallows if it happened to him. anyways this is based on a true story and F's in the chat will be greatly appreciated :D xD :(

    One Stormy Afternoon,

    On the oddly pleasing view of the forsaken shallows, Diego De la Guerra spent his afternoon searching for glory
    slashing enemies down left and right. The Powerful sword he wielded helped him along searching through the shallows for something that would further his power, He Saw a strange creature with two heads, Wielding voodoo dolls he saw the enemy fit for a challenge and engages him, As he continued attacking his formidable foe, many specters around him appeared, Maybe individuals that had fallen to their mighty voodoo dolls had come back to manifest their revenge. Eventually the creature had been crossed into the shadow realm of the afterlife, as a result of a voodoo curse broken, a gold lined, metallic brown chest had appeared out of the fallen adversary, the lock of the chest was decorated with a beautiful golden skull, a key had fallen into the hands of the mighty Diego, he then proceeded to open the chest and with a satisfying metallic clicking and clanking opened the chest to see a Plethora of golden coins, a shrunken head and clothing, but one item in this chest caught his eye especially, A sword of Ancient Egyptian Origin, a heavy Shotel, a beautifully curved Blade, with a red aura that hypnotized the eyes of Diego, he reached for the sword and barely had a finger on it as they blade started shaking seemingly stopping time, opened a portal to a dock that absorbed him with the force enough to move a heavy warship, to a dock near his home of the island of Padres Del Fuego, a sudden rage had consumed Diego as the sword obviously had held some value worthy of a conqueror of his stature. Immediately he began to prepare for the next time he would return to the Forsaken island of Tormenta, in the search of the sword he had seen as that sword would push him to a state of eternal glory, Since then he has found two other beautifully crafted ancient Shotels but none have had that red aura that had him captivated.

    Epilouge: I did take a week long break from the game as being jipped of a legendary(Especially a Cursed blade of Yore) by a server reset. but I returned from it with the drive to have the sword in my hands anyways, I made this story as a vehicle to finally accept that it was just bad luck and bad timing on my part. and of course if you see me in the shallows or the caverns be sure to say hello!
    Take Care
    Diego De La Guerra
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    I can attest that Brobeans Bort would volunteer himself to the gallows if this happened to him.