Request Dear Santa,


Honorable Pirate
Last year we had a week of double loot, a week of double mats & a week of double rep for the holidays so maybe we will see that again this year... we have been good pirates, looting & sailing, pillaging & plundering, Please Santa! Actually we have been extra good so a few codes & an extra page for inventory is on my list & I have been extra, extra good this year!! <3


Honorable Pirate
I for one, hope its NEW gifts this year. Loved the double mats, gold, etc of course, but everything else I hope is something different. Keep us on our toes :)


Pirate Lord
I would like a 2nd place for " Items " for Rams / Charms / etc > I often find myself with the wrong Item between cannon and sailing , would be nice just to click the Icon as with Weapons to switch between 2 Items !! .... :) .............................:jar: