Deceit on steam


Sea Legs
hey guys! I just remade steam and found this first person shooter horror game called Deceit, free to download, basically you're put into one of like 4 maps with 5 other random players. two random people are "infected," the other four are "innocent," and the goal of the game as an innocent is to collect weapons and fuses and escape the map without getting killed by an infected terror. as a terror, your goal is to not let anyone know you're infected and make sure none of the innocents escape. it's really addictive, really fun, kinda frustrating til you figure out what you're doing and how to "deceive" people but super fun once you get the hang of it. I'm not a big gamer so it took a hot sec to actually learn what to do but there are a lot of hints onscreen. I highly recommend it, I found it looking through horror games but there aren't any jumpscares or anything like that, super tame imo. really fun! if it sounds like your thing def check it out!