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December Peddler Spotlight
Posted by Kat Pepperson

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Ahoy to you all! I hope you have been enjoying this year's Brethren Feast. If you haven't yet, I suggest you go try that succulent ham roasting on the pit!

We peddlers have a treat for you this December. This month's shipment of garments are perfect for the holiday season. The suppliers were able to find some hidden crates of last year's outfit, and also discovered something new.

Returning once again is the white Winter Mystic. It comes with a White Flowers Stocking Cap, Solstice Shirt, and appropriate bottoms for pirate or pirette. Perfect to wear on the winter solstice!

Our new find is the Sea Wolf. This outfit immediately caught my eye with the deep green, including the boots, and fur trim. Oh! and it comes with a jacket!

Either way you go, these colorful outfits are great to wear to any holiday event you may be attending in the Caribbean this season. As a bonus, the Winter Festival outfit will be returning during the Winter Festival that will run from December 4th through January 4th. Yet another festive outfit to look forward to!

Now it is decision time. Which outfit will you purchase today? Why not buy them both?!

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