Dedication songs 2 Beta testers

A “beta” fish is naturally aggressive, is it not?

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Shamus The Brute

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This thread is not intended to overshadow/replace this thread, a means dedicated solely to and for the purpose of supporting TLOPO devs. *Please visit too the above mentioned thread to show further your TLOPO support.

“A ship’s Captain is nothing without the skillz and workmanship of the shipwright (where the ship itself is ‘useless’ without the Captain and her crew).”

No words. Just songs. Using the forums TAG option (or not), dedicate songs to someone you know whom has remained a viable Beta tester for TLOPO!

Through song, say thank you or post to further encourage pirates to report bugs for the purpose of the betterment of TLOPO coming to pass. ;)

*Just a thought: NO bug is too big enough to “squash,” aye?