Quests Defeat 8 Undead Gypsies in El Sudoron on Padres Del Fuego. (0 of 8)


I am doing the Liberation Of The Black Pearl Quest, 87%

Story Quest: The Black Pearl Crew, 86%

Black Pearl Recruit: Giladoga, 75%

Key # 6, 50%

Adoria's Revenge 1 of 2 Items

Defeat Executioners, Completed

Defeat Gypsies, 0 of 8

...................Defeat 8 Undead Gypsies in El Sudoron on Padres Del Fuego. (0 of 8)

However NO undead gypsies ever spawn



The Tomb Raider
I took a quick look into this and two Undead Gypsies are present in El Sudoron on Abassa.

Here's a screenshot showing their location on the map indicated by the yellow boxes:

Undead Gypsy Locations.png


Pirate Lord
Executioners / Gypsies ( Grenadiers / Slashers ) usually should spawn randomly but they have yet to fix this bug for foes that switch at random ! Some quests are tough when ye have to jump to multiple servers and make the trip there again and again !


Pirate Lord
The problem is that TLOPO no longer supports random NPC spawning, like it used to and how POTCO did as well.
Basically, several NPC have a range of what type respawns after a kill, as it used to be anyway.

Usually Gypsies alternate spawning with Executioners, Slashers rotate with Grenadiers and so on.
As it is currently, once a Gypsy spawns, always a Gypsy spawns, etc.
This is the same for all NPC on all islands in the game.

The only solution I see is to keep changing servers until you find one that has what you need.
Tedious, but there it is.

I'm not sure why TLOPO did away with random/rotating spawning in the game.
Maybe a Dev might elucidate us as to why this no longer happens.