Describe School In One Sentence

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The first 16-24 years of your life that is suppose to prepare you for the next 50+ years of your life but fails to do so in nearly every aspect that you end up desperately needing.
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A place that can sometimes be boring, that has friends surrounding you as well as enemies, and a place that will get you far in life.


if i where able to describe school in one word i would say: a living hell that you have to spend most of your life in but in the so called high school you have a chance to leave but your demon dictators or your so called parents don't always let you go but the "lucky ones" get to go to the bottom of hell first but the "unlucky ones" have to spend 4 more god forsaken years in hell. well yeah that's my description of school in "one" word .

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Legally mandated torture on young children, that is disguised as an educational learning environment.

I could go on and on about the issues I see in our school systems but I'm very biased especially since I had to deal with a lot of bullying and loneliness in my years.


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School was the easy part of life ! It was long ago but It was still better !!! lol algebra , geometry , trigonometry .... oh joy !