Did You Know ... Infamy Edition March 21, 2011

Misty Moonlight

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Did you Know ... Infamy Edition
March 21, 2011

Did you know ...
... Infamy is earned based on damage done? No longer are kill steals an issue. If you dealt the damage, you shall receive the Infamy points you rightly deserve.
... about Infamy kill streaks? Earn an Infamy point bonus when you defeat 3 undead Pirates in a row. Earn an additional bonus when you defeat 5 in a row. See how high you can get your kill streak!
... you can customize your nametag for both Pirate and your ship? Access the Badge Menu with the 'B' key and toggle your Infamy badge on/off. You can also assign your Founder's Coin from this same menu too.
... your Infamy unlocks new never before seen items like tattoos, hats and coat at Merchants on Devil's Anvil as well as the Privateering Islands? If you really want to show how battle hardened your Pirate is, check out the scars!
... about the Infamy point reduction? For every day you don't keep up your Infamy, one Infamy point will be taken away. You didn't think you could remain infamous forever without keeping your skills up, did ya'?
If you have any Infamy tips and tricks to share, submit them in the comments below.
these are all for pvp and its not an update its just facts about pvp and there IS STILL KILL STEALING u get 10 points per kill if the person is ur lvl and 5 if u do most damage and dont land the final blow