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Hello everyone!

Effective today (September 20th, 2017): posting links to any external chat service is prohibited. You can, however, request that it be added to the Unofficial Chat Directory by messaging @Mark Scurvyfox. Keep in mind the guidelines quoted below from this thread.
For a chat to be added to this list, the chat owner is required to be a member of the forums. Along with this, a reminder that any discussion from a chat that rolls over to the forums may be reported and subsequently removed, with warnings given out for any rule infractions as necessary.
Unofficial Chat Directory

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Grace O Maille

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Does that mean that it's prohibited to post the links completely? By this I mean...does that include links to external chat services in signatures too?

...not that it affects me, but just for clarification :)

Edit: If it does include links in signatures, could people put a link to the Unofficial Chat Directory instead?
eg. something along the lines of ..... 'Join [insert chat name] here [link to the UnofficialChat Directory]'
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We ask that users don't post the links anywhere and instead link to the directory, however we've generally been lenient with signatures (and users own profiles), so it's unlikely we'd enforce this rule in those cases unless a problem resulted from a specific occurrence. So long as a discussion isn't pulled out from someone's signature into a thread, it's probably fine.


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Could the Unofficial Chat Directory number the links so as to make it easier to refer to them?
Personally, I never refer to external chat services on the forums, but I think this would make it easier for others. If not, it shouldn't be too hard to refer to them by name anyway.


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Are posts made before this position allowed so long as it's not edited? AKA, are they grandfathered in? Previously, I thought it only applied to "discussions centered around Discord".
Posts made prior aren't being altered and we definitely wouldn't give out warnings retroactively. We are likely to lock any chat discussions that resurface though.