Disney Phases Out Launcher

Molly Ironscarlett

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ok my cousin and i called Disney to ask why they're launcher has no publisher regardless of the Launcher we use on out windows. Th reply i got from the Disney rep was this... try Live chat and talk to a tech rep. Oh yay. well Live chat is down. and all i got was that disney has phased out the launcher outside the web browser of choice. the rep said it is a more secure playing platform. now you can still play through your old windows launcher, but i was told that that particular piece of soft ware is being phased out (aka not supported by disney) so the rep said to tell everybody that it would behoove ppl to play through the website online vs launcher. as it is less secure. this dosn't mean that you shouldn't play threw your Launcher on your windows, just know that it is being phased out... i would like to hear any remarks or opinions please. oh and as for the Live chat, the rep said to go to the Toon Town Live Chat and explain that you are in PotC and talk to Live chat reps there... just thought i would put this out in the open as i had learned about it..
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The launcher is indeed being phased out. It has already been for Toontown (though left working, it is no longer supported).

I will continue to use it. The browser version has never been stable for me. We'll see what happens.
Aha! Last week when I had a problem where my launcher wasn't working, I went on Live Chat and all I did was re-install it...(didn't work) I really hate browser though. I get SO much lag!! :/ But on the launcher I could go to Abassa and have 10 people using staffs next to me and still not have lag. -_-
Why are they changing things that work? Like the saying, "If it isn't broke, don't fix it?" Just wondering...
The browser version opens up a larger market to them. (On devices like Netbooks, etc) and the launcher is more difficult to maintain.
I personally like the launcher more... Browser has always been unstable for me and SUPER laggy. I don't like playing on my browser either since I keep a bunch of different windows open such as this forum and Youtube. I like having 2 separate windows...
ty Davy i thought i was going insane...and ty all for your thoughts....as i look at it us launcher players are being looked at as inda like dinasaurs....we had our hay day, now the little ice age is about to commence.... i know alot of ppl are going to be frustrated....but i have some inside news
rumor has it that disney has waited far to long with PotC...the rumor i heard is that they are tryin to up grade a whole bunch of stuff so that it will be HDMI compatible ( as in you really can play in 3D ) just something i have heard through my grape vines so chew on that for a while
that's why the servers got yanked and they are using minimal units... to upgrade just trying to help the PotC community the best that i can....
I remember way back when you HAD to use the launcher. A website version didn't exist. I love the launcher, it has minimum lag, and plays much faster for longer. The website is loading things in the background and toolbars and other things are slowing it down. I highly prefer the launcher...
I also do not like using the website mode because if you play in windowed mode while using it, you have to have a separate tab open JUST to keep the game open. I find that this clutters my tabs and I may misclick and accidentally close that tab instead of the one I wanted to close, closing my game. :hypno: Now with the launcher, the only thing you could really do is accidentally click the X which is way up in the corner. Much easier if you ask me. Saves the hassle too.