Does Anyone Like The New Potco Website?

Do you like the new POTCO website design?

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This may explain why the friend lists are currently so messed up if they are working on the directory. Haven't yet been to the site so haven't voted yet.
I still see the original page with a different backdrop but when I use the link at the top of the thread it takes me to a new page. the thing I dont like about it is that it dropped a lot of content on the cover page so you have to click the need help and that takes me closer to something I normally see. Using a link like "need help" does not begin to express what that button leads to. So... I think people will not think to click and in doing so will not see any menus to lead to what they need like account support services, game manual and what not... when you see need help you think your being taken to something lame. Also, when you click the return to main menu from that page it does not return you to the page you were on but rather gives you larger support links. No good... how do you get back to the page you were at? When I click on the logo at the top it takes me to the older home page style which displays all the info someone would need immediately in an orderly fashion. That means the home page is somewhat orphaned on the site.

The page that is for the help also has a graphic on the lower left that hangs way to low pushing the bottom div credit, license, site map and rating info Div way down to far. It also does not match the same brightness of the overall look of the site. The brightness of the main menu background of that one page creates a washout effect taking away from the stacked 3d effect that Disney was famous for in past art work.

I think the brighter look makes it easier to read the content except in some specific spots.

I have always had issues with the supporting content that Disney places on the site. They have a very strong lack of it.. crappy manuals. The SEO of the site stinks for the most part (text vs. graphic) .... good thing they have a good name.

I do like the burning sloop in the background... when you go to see whats killing it it.. attracts you to the poll.

Any who... thats my 2 cent worth.