Don't Drink While You Are Working! ;d


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Or so we thought ... ;)

We went to fight Jolly Roger bravely in Padres ... screenshot_2010-12-31_15-42-15.jpg , and I almost died ... screenshot_2010-12-31_15-42-23.jpg
I took the best tonic I had ... RUM! Yea, and we won the invasion! screenshot_2010-12-31_15-42-57.jpg

I thought I was going to hang on to my bottle of rum for a while ... screenshot_2010-12-31_15-46-03.jpg
But then I decided to share it with some friends!
screenshot_2010-12-31_15-47-41.jpg screenshot_2010-12-31_15-48-02.jpg screenshot_2010-12-31_15-49-41.jpg screenshot_2010-12-31_15-50-04.jpg screenshot_2010-12-31_15-50-42.jpg screenshot_2010-12-31_15-51-04.jpg

to be continued ...
EDIT (Dec 31, 2010 10:20 PM):
Alright ... still a little dizzy because of rum, I came to my 'senses' that I needed to 'work' a little bit. So I went to kill some skeletons and Navy guards ... not really wanting to give up my bottle of rum :p
screenshot_2010-12-31_16-25-36.jpg screenshot_2010-12-31_16-25-47.jpg screenshot_2010-12-31_16-30-57.jpg

And guess what rum could do to you ...
I even leveled up!

Who said that we couldn't drink while we were working? ;)

:arrrrr:*Disclaimer: Applies only in Pirates world ... *
Thanks, guys! See that bottle of rum? No matter what I did - tp ed to another place, tp ed to another ocean, took out my staff - wouldn't come off of my hand ... Me and my bottle of rum, were destined to be together ... :p
I will be looking for you Jade hahaha! Very funny and great pics! :party: