Event DreadPoet's SPOEktakular is Monday 10/29 at 9PM

Dread Poet Roberts

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Thank you all for an incredible turnout last night-- and special thanks to the cast Eliza Creststeel (narrator, principal author , Pit and Pendulum, Mask of Red Death), Edward Graves (Tell Tale Heart) Canon Bluefire (Haunted Palace), Ben Gone (Tell Tale Heart), Horatio Stormchaser(Cask of Amontillado), Iron Thunder (Candle), Fiercey Teal (Candle, Red Death), Red Dawn (Candle), Whimsy Prospero (Candle and Goatherder) and myself, DreadPoet Roberts (Host, Mask of Red Death, Cask of Amontillado, The Raven) for acting out the stories of POE on Raven's Cove.

The candles lent a spooky and festive aura to the event and helped the guests find their way. At one point we had 25% of the entire online population in the jail at Ravens' Cove. The cast worked for several weeks refining their stories so that it would pass the TLOPO white list. Special thanks to all the TLOPO staff for adding several words to the whitelist so that we could do the performance. All of the story tellers did a great job leading the dramatizations.

For Mask of Red Death, all of the spectators were asked to come in costume and were the guests at the Masquerade Ball thrown by Prince Prospero before he was killed by the Red Death. Eliza Creststeel emerging out of the mist in the jail made my hair stand on end. Tell Tale Heart tied the action together so tightly that you looked through the floorboards for the disemboweled corpse. Even Smasho got into the act bellowing out a loud laugh when Horatio was sealed inside the cave.

My favorite scene of the night was reciting the Raven, on Raven's Cove, circled by Ravens-- their caw caw calling out in tandem with the story pace.

We ended the night with the cast and attendees doing the zombie dance as darkness fell on Ravens Cove

If anyone has screen shots of the event, please post them here.

Thank you everyone who read, and thank you everyone who participated. Huzzah!
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