Glitch  Easy Potion Leveling + Swift Foot Glitch

Alright so I am sure most of you know this already, but I am going to tell you anyways how to level potions quickly.

First off, pick any island that has a potion brewing table like Cuba, Port Royal, Tortuga, and Padres Del Fuego. Next, if you don't have Swift Foot I, then you need to get that. This potion is very simple, it only takes two Potion Extracts, one Crab Extract, and one Tooth Dust. Swift Foot I gives +23 rep. from finishing it. When you get Swift Foot II, you need two of the Potion & Crab Extracts and one Tooth Dust. You get +50 rep. for finishing this potion. Swift Foot III is another great potion, takes a little longer to make, but is worth it because it gives you +73 rep. To make this potion, you need three of Potion Extract, Crab Extract, and Tooth Dust. In my personal opinion, I think Swift Foot II is the best way to level up you potions because its not hard to make and doesn't take long to make.

Now for the Swift Foot glitch, I think I saw someone post it already, but ill tell you anyways. First, get atleast 4 or 5 potions. Next, go to your options and make sure your mouse is firm and doesn't move when you click it. Then, put your your mouse over the swift foot potion then right click on the potion without stopping, and you should be able to drink 2 at one time. try and get as many as you can in the first time then it will be easier to do it.

Hope this helps!