El Patron's Ship

Captian Fear

Pirate Master
:ahoy:Hi there mates! With the coming Ship of the Line, more ships will possibly be on the way too! What ships will there be you ask? Why just the great and speedy race-built galleon. Haven't seen one you say? Yes you have my friends! In the El Patron mines are the remains of his once powerful vessel which was a race-built galleon. Now is this a fact that will come into the game? No but due to it's unique structure, the ship is definetly a possiblity. The developer's wouldn't make something and totally scrap the idea right? (*sigh* kraken :mad:)

Now will it be called a race built galleon? I hope not (to wordy). But there will name it something like barque which is fine with me. I just to bo on a new deck while sailing.