Elite Thievery Co. is hiring sea-worthy hands.


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Attitude is more important than your Notoriety. Unlimited and Basics from Level 7 up (first pirates only). 2nd or 3rd pirates can join at any level.

We are sizeable guild, having been maxed - but we try to maintain an active roster and we strive for a family atmosphere. Our players are largely adults and older teens, but younger pirates are not excluded.

The ETC maintains a web site all members are allowed to use and participate in, with additional veteran and officer areas.

Guild Events are held 2-3 times a week and we make effort to promote events for other guilds and organizations too. We encourage all members to try various events and mini-games, though ranking, SvS and PvP are not primary goals.

Our ranks are by officer vote only. Deserving members are nominated and elected, not given away by me and I do not override any final officer corps decision. This goes the same with member removal or major guild policy.

Drama is NOT welcome, and will be met with quick response. But, open and free-reeling Guild chat will find a home.

I am a Guild Master, not dictator. Think of Eliza as more a big sister and all of your guildmates are here to support you and your experience in Pirates Online.

We abide by three basic tenets: Communicate, Assist and Respect.
if i were to have a pirate that i wanted in your guild would you give me a code or would we meet somewere?
Another amazing year mates!

And we've seen so much! Raven's Cove, The Queen Anne's Revenge, Infamy and now the Scoundrel of the Seas! It's a lot to keep up with and the pirates of the ETC have made incredible strides!

Our members flourish and as our star continues to rise, more and more pirates know our name and our reputation.

I can never thank you enough... from our great Officer Corps and supportive Petty Officers to the newest recruits - you make this family what it is and what it will become.

On the Horizon, so many possibilities... ship customization? trading? new quests? But, the important thing is that we discover these new adventures as mates.

Eliza T. Creststeel
GM of Elite Thievery Co.
Happy Birthday and Congratulation Eliza and Elite Thievery Co! May you rule the Caribbean for many more years to come!:fight:
It was so awesome seeing so many forums members popping in and wishing us well, as well as sharing a drink and jig on the dance floor.
It was so awesome seeing so many forums members popping in and wishing us well, as well as sharing a drink and jig on the dance floor.
The party was a fantastic time!! Here are some pics from it:


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