Event  Elite Thievery Co. Turns 2 Years Old


Wiki Staff
This Wednesday, June 29th, the Elite Thievery Company celebrates it's second anniversary!
As a way of celebrating and showing appreciation to our members and the countless other pirates and guilds that have been our supporters and allies, we will be holding a pub crawl Wednesday night - starting at 9pm EST.

We will start at the Rowdy Rooster on Port Royal (Abassa) then mosey down to the Royal Anchor before moving onto the Kings Arm and finally the Faithful Bride. Order your favorite - it's on us!

After drinking our fill, we will take to the seas! All revellers are invited to launch their ships with ours and form a blockade across the straights from Tortuga to Devil's Anvil. Once we blockade the harbor, all ships will then circle the Caribbe (Tortuga to Cuba to Padres to Kingshead) - sinking all in our path!

Can't wait to see you all there!

Eliza T. Creststeel
GM of Elite Thievery Co.