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    Years ago, the epic bard of Pirates Online Dread Poet would lead gatherings of us salts in Storytime. An evening of tales, poems and yarns. I was very fortunate to not have only participated in these events but Dread was kind enough to ask me to host once or twice.

    Many of the offerings I would give on those nights were prepared only moments before I were to speak them to the throng, while some were crafted with a bit more forethought.

    I thought I would regale with a few of those past ramblings here... this first one was an ode to Dread himself.

    Treasure Beyond Measure

    For a treasure beyond measure
    a dreaded pirate set his course.
    Such a black-hearted buccaneer
    Stealing what he wilt by force.

    No loot escaped his clutches
    Nor hidden hoard his avarice eye.
    He plundered many a town and ship
    rooting out where any trinkets lie.

    As his chests filled to overflow
    the pirate's soul ebbed cold.
    To him, nothing was as empty
    as his ship's laden hold.

    On the darkest of sullen days
    his last bounty he could not suffer.
    He tossed aside silver and gem alike
    but an old box held a curious luster.

    Were a miracle this golden find.
    A thing most wondrous and rare.
    Not to be hidden or buried
    but given away and shared.

    The more charitable was his heart
    the more his soul became anew.
    For as much as he gave away
    his newest riches only grew.

    This precious cargo found he
    was not rare jewels nor gold.
    A crude box of books and paper,
    tomes filled with tales of olde.

    A dreaded pirate set his course
    for countless buried treasure.
    But, were his wealth of words
    made him a bard beyond measure.

    ------ A bit sappy, perhaps.
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    I fall from the light
    Plunging into the deep pitch
    It envelopes me whole
    Vanishing into the ebony mists

    A shallow exhale escapes my lips
    The inky black fills my ears
    Covers my tired eyes
    Numbing me blind and deaf

    Soles touch nothing, arms aloft
    Slender fingers plunge into the void
    There is only black.
    The vacuum consumes my mind

    And I welcome it...
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    I be needin these fer shanties!
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    Tarnished Angel

    Mummy's lil' angel
    Red ribbons in a golden halo
    White lace ruffles among
    Sunday's perfumed blossoms.

    Earthy mud-puddled soles
    Spritely tomboy run amok,
    Scuffling in the grass
    With future beaus.

    Adolescent stowaway.
    Fatherless, aimless wanderer
    Dank holds and darkened pubs
    Countless, nameless shores.

    Calloused hands, hard-steeled eyes
    Avarice fingers never satisfied.
    Sharp blade's thirst never slaked
    By fleeting riches and fleeting lust.

    Widowed, childless, homeless
    Broken, unwanted exile.
    Mummy's tarnished angel
    longs for Sunday's perfume.
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    Free At Last

    Your heart skips a beat as we embrace
    It hammer pounds against my chest
    Tide surges and I feel your blood race
    As I cleave you to my breast

    Ocean eyes hold hope and promise,
    Piercing deeply into mine
    Soon we wed, with nothing amiss
    I will be truly thine

    We become truly free my love
    No more chains to bind
    Steel shackles are thrown off
    Our pursuers fall far behind

    Then, your oceans ebb dark
    The crashing waves recede
    Flowing from the crimson mark
    Where East India lead did the deed.

    Ocean eyes beheld hope and promise
    Placid gaze reflecting mine
    My heart pounds against your chest
    I was to be truly thine

    Free at Last

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