Emerald Regiment

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Isaiah Ropeswine

Wanted Pirate
[Emerald Regiment]

We are a large, active guild and our mission is to make every member of our guild feel like family.

Founded by Blade on Sunday, October 31st.

Officer List:

Blade - GM
Captain Celtics - Co-GM
Rose Stormhara - Co-GM
Enrique- Co-GM
Phishytwona - Head Officer
Samantha Searatte- Head Officer
Lord Davy Menace - Head Officer
Ace Vader - Officer
Angel Stormwalker - Officer
Billy Blunderbuss - Officer
Chimera - Officer
Cyndi Greywolf - Officer
Davy Firestack - Officer
Eliza Prowparr - Officer
Eric Fireskull - Officer
Ethereal - Officer
Isaiah Ropeswine - Officer
Illari - Officer
Grace Irontimbers - Officer
Hernando Cortes - Officer
Hector Seavane - Officer
Ivan Hood - Officer
Jeffrey Bladehawk - Officer
Jhon Hawk - Officer
Kevin Ironbeard - Officer
Marco Polo - Officer
Miss Razzle Dazzle - Officer
Rachel Calicostack - Officer
Rachel O'Scarlett - Officer
Stitch - Officer
Swashbuckler - Officer
Constance Seascarlett - OIT
Catherine Heartstealer - OIT
Jack Stormstealer - OIT
Luis Fortuna - OIT
Lola - OIT
Kat Mchayes - OIT
Kat Sunfury - OIT
Pistol Packing Pete - OIT
Tori Winterqueen - OIT
Peacekeeper - OIT
The Sharpshooter - OIT

Code of Conduct:

§ Respect your fellow guild mates and all other pirates!

§ Please ask before teleporting. You may not like where you end up!

§ No asking for promotions; ask and ye shall not receive!

§ Give a hearty greeting to members who log on; no need to be shy about it!

§ Always say please and thank you.

§ When requesting for help, please be specific! Do not demand for it, and please note that you are not being ignored if no one is responding.

§ Please no inappropriate language in guild chat; we have players of all ages in our guild!

§ Open chat is recommended, but all players are allowed.

§ Never discriminate another player.

§ Ask the captain before taking their wheel! It is the polite thing to do.

§ Use common sense! If you think someone will get hurt or made uncomfortable from your actions, don’t do it!

§ Please refrain from using outside or third-party programs (cheating programs) to help you advance in the game.

Senior Officer
Party Officer
Officer-in-training (OIT)

Promotions are based upon:

§ Your readiness to recruit and help the guild
§ Your personality and attitude towards others
§ The length of time in the guild
§ Your activeness in the guild

If you wish to join, please PM me. We will be using this thread to post our events and announcements and such!

Member Count: 420

Current Goals:

§ Get the guild to max quantity (and floating around that area) by Spring Break!
§ Get at least 30% of the guild on Pirates Forums!

[Emerald Regiment Test Server]
We now have a guild on the test oceans! It is of course named "Emerald Regiment." Have test server, Emerald Regiment mates? Send a PM to me, and I'll grab you a code.

*Our test guild is not limited to only Emerald Regiment open server members, but any tester who'd be interesting in joining. The same guild rules apply to our test guild, and those who join from open server will receive their proper ranks. If you join from open server to test server, and you do not get your proper rank, please PM me; others outside of our guild on open server will receive rankings in the same process that occurs on open (officer training, etc.)

Hope to see you all in game!!!
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