Enemy Frigates And Heavy War Frigate Comparisom

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Royal Navy Ships:
Panther - Light Frigate
Centurion - Frigate
Man O' War - War Frigate
Dreadnought - Royal Navy Heavy War Frigate
Elite - Royal Navy Heavy War Frigate
EITC Ships:
Corvette - Light Frigate
Marauder - Frigate
Warlord - War Frigate
Juggernaut - Heavy War Frigate
Tyrant - Heavy War Frigate
Jolly Roger's Armada:
All of the ships in Jolly Roger's Skeleton Navy are War Frigates (Except the French and Spanish Undead ships)
Phantom - Undead Skeleton War Frigate
Revenant - Undead Skeleton War Frigate
Storm Reaper - Undead Skeleton War Frigate
Black Harbinger - Undead Skeleton War Frigate
Death Omen- Undead Skeleton.
Kk mateys now those r all the frigates i know now lets compare the bige ones of them

Navy Dreadnought or what i call. Cachine

As the name implies, these ships fear nothing.
Dreadnoughts are heavy War Frigates and the pride of the Royal Navy fleet. These vessels carry 14 Deck Cannons and 10 Broadside Cannons on each side.
Appearing at Levels 38-40, they have a strong 19,700 Hull Points.
In addition to traditional ammunition, they attack with Firebrand on Deck Cannons and Round Shot for Broadsides. They are found in the Hinterseas near Padres Del Fuego and around Isla Tormenta. They are the Navy counterpart of the East India Trading Company's Juggernaut. So lets compair them with each othee

EITC Juggernaut. Those i like to call faaaayaaaar cuz they burn

"A massive, inexorable force, campaign, movement or object that crushes everything in its way" - Merriam-Webster's Dictionary.

These heavy War Frigates are the pride of the East India Trading Company fleet. This vessel carries 14 Deck Cannons and 10 Broadside Cannons on each side. They usually appear as Level 43-45.So far it the most powerful war frigate in the game.
The Juggernaut is one of the single most imposing vessels on the water; even the most notorious pirates will never take a Juggarnaut lightly.
They attack with powerful Firebrand ammo on their deck cannons. They also deploy a very powerful broadside of Explosives that can easily destroy any warship. They are found in the uncharted waters around Isla Cangrejos, Padres Del Fuego, Isla Perdida and Isla Tormenta. Once only found West of Cuba, the Trading Co. seems to be deploying them more often.
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