Ever Watched Angel?

Ever Watched Angel?

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Jade Wildfury

omg yes!!!! he was so hot!!!
and i loved him in buffy as well :D
I believe it is a syndicated show on TNT. (And I think it has been on other TV networks)

I am not much of a TV Watcher.

I think the reason I watched it is because is on every single day of the week, all YEAR long, at specific time when nothing else is on TV!, for 2 full hours! (two episodes a day, one after the other). (So you are almost forced to watch [no really] but almost xD)

After all seasons end, it repeats all year long!. But I don't watch it anymore, because I already watched it all the episodes. So it got old for me, I did watch about every single episode I think.

When you start following the story, I think you get hooked, etc.. So one episode doesn't mean much.
Its on cable tv over here and when it comes on i switched it off, i never really gave it a chance to see what it was about