Glitch  Ever Wondered How It Looks Under The Ocean?

Jack Scurvyfoote

Notorious Pirate


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Although I'm a pirate I'm not a fan of the ocean I've had two bad swimming experiences in Mission Bay:skullpeak:. But I'm still hear today so all is good.
The first three happened when I teleported to the crew while they were on a flag ship. Apparently I landed just after they went back to their ship and I then went down to Davy Jone's locker with the flag ship. The thrid screenie there is actually what I first saw. Every dircetion I turned the camera angle got me a differnet view.

The last screenie, lol, I took the shrinking potion and walked under the water to the point just before I would have been swimming. Took this one on Cuba.
Aye ~
I know this doesn't "really" belong here but...I thought I might just add it to this thread anyway, as result of the title, lol. *Wish I had something "glitchy" to share...

I was using phatom spirits glitch to get to the goliath and this happened...
i was lucky i had lots and lots of swift foot!


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