Event Father's Day

Captain Star

Posted by Edward Graves on June 17, 2018, midnight

So, ye want to know what I know, aye? It ain’t much, I kin tell ye that.

All I knows is that Jack Sparrow be looking fer his father, who is nowhere t’ be found. So ol’ Jack be hiring pirates to track him down, in case he be in trouble, see? Ye can find Jack Sparrow in the Rowdy Rooster on Port Royal. Why not on Tortuga? That be too obvious, that’s why! Rowdy Rooster, Port Royal. Don’t ferget now! Thar may even be a bit of a… reputation boost if ye succeed. Savvy?

Aside from that, it be Father’s Day! An’ like with mothers, every pirate has a father; even if ye don’t know him.
Except for Cap’n Graves, of course, you know, the whole “stygian pit” thing.
I mentioned it on Mother’s Day! Pay attention, lubber!

In celebration of arrr deal ol’ dads, the peddlers have put together a lovely outfit fer us. Did ye hear ‘bout that galleon that grounded on Cuba last month? Well, it were bound fer some rich muck’s manor in the colonies but it never made it. Monger Morton, on Cuba, be a father himself and so he… acquired the cargo of the wrecked galleon and made a collection of Father’s Day outfits. They are beautiful; fit fer a Prince, I’d say!

Now, there not be many of these outfits in stock, so get ‘em quick. Morton shared his stock with the other peddlers, fer a small finder’s fee, of course, an’ so ye can find the outfit from any of the peddlers scattered ‘round the Caribbean on Port Royal, Tortuga, Cuba, and Padres del Fuego. I also hear Jack Sparrow has no patience; the entire “Father’s Day Event” as it’s startin’ to be known, lasts from June 17th – 22nd.

So don’t delay, it not be around long!
Take what ye can, and give nothin’ back!​

Mood Rock

Wanted Pirate
This Father's Day, let us all congratulate my brother, Mood Stone!
He became a father on the 11th of June, 2018.
His son, Mood Pebble, is currently well and colorful, sporting a color-changing pattern identical to his father.

You know what they say: Like father, like son.

If I ever have a son, I hope that idiom wouldn't be the case.


No child deserves this. Especially Mood Pebble.


Sea Legs
Okay, so I went into the Rowdy Rooster to talk to Jack Sparrow and nothing. So, does the quest start there or somewhere else?


Pirate Lord
Okay, so I went into the Rowdy Rooster to talk to Jack Sparrow and nothing. So, does the quest start there or somewhere else?
It is supposed to start there. Try again, if he still is ignoring you, do a log out inside the tavern, then run in again. Try different things. I noticed someone else had a quest at the bar at the same time. If you see that, take it and leave the bar. Run around for a minute, or teleport to cuba then teleport back to Royal. Whatever it takes to break the loop type quest thing.
A lot of quest stuff seems to be conditional in some way to other seemingly not connected events and meetings.


Luna Storm

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@kevinb if you have a lot of quests in your journal you may need to complete a few and see if it then will activate the father's Day quest for you.

@Johnny Darkcastle I did this quest last year and it let me do it again this year with the same pirate do yes it seems you can do it again but I don't know if you can do it more than once in the few days it's available.


Pirate Lord
I think it was Navy Galleon or Frigate. Not sure if I remember correctly though :D
Yes, but it must have been a certain level as I sunk those as well. I never got the quest notice to go where ever to drop him off, so I figured I didn't sink the right ships, or big enough. By the time I got back on, the journal was empty.


Pirate Lord
Mine completed I think on both alts after sinking a Navy Panther
Lol... that could possibly be the only ship I didn't sink because I thought no way would he be on such a dinky ship. If I sunk the other smaller ones it was because they were in the way of higher ships. boy, I blew that.


Pirate Lord
Just logged In on 2 of my pirates to do the quest yet Jack Is MIA and when I logged on there was NO notification of the quest either ??? ... Help ?? Thought the quest ran through the 22nd ??