Favorite Thing About POTCO

Mags O'Hazzard

Well I am bored so I guess you guys can put your favorite thing about POTCO on here!

Mine: No Drama or anything just quests. In other games there is dating and marrying. Its like srsly!
... i love how i can meet/ make friends with people from around the world :D

Arrrgh! I agree with you...Rose. It is really cool to understand for yourself that the world is not such a huge place ;).

*However, there is a flip-side to this.

Sometimes on POTCO, I have experienced pirates from my own country embarass me as an American because of the actions they either take or their general attitude/need for control towards other people who happen to not be from the US.

More often than not, positive people out-weigh the negative people but...somedays I wonder :D.
my favorite all time thing about potco is tia, hands down.

she is just so darn cool and hot at the same time. of course that could change if i ever find the famed barbie doll i've been looking for so long now. say any thing to tia about this and your dust! :mad:
My favorite thing about potco? hmm, It when there is a GM Event. And even though, they have a post about GM on the site, people STILL want to join their guild or be there friend. That's why they removed those buttons on their tags. That and watching ppl getting knock out by the GMs..... one after the other.:lol1: Won't they learn?
I would have to say my favorite thing to do on POTCO would be to level on Tormenta and hang with friends. xD
My favorite thing to do in definitely sailing/plundering. I like going to Dark Hart in Abassa as well and I'm always curious about those Game Masters events (but if I miss them, that's ok too). I don't "plan" to hang out with my friends too much, but that's usually what I end up doing the most ... :p