Favorite Thing To Do?

I got my last few levels in Tormenta while I was looking for famed cause I clearly don't have enough.:p

My favorite thing to do is probably pvp's.
I usually level by helping others, Invasions, Dark Heart, tormenta and believe it or not fishing! Rose I loved your You Tube post, I have really been feeling that this week :cool:
it seems after you get to 40+ it's just alot of hard ranking work cause you have ran out of quests. it always good to help other pirates also.:flag:
Potions are great once you get high enough in them! Growin Grog is over a 100 rep and adder is I think close to 135 so I do a lot pf potions!
(oh and just in case you could read that conversation Kade was a guy, trust me, hehe)
EDIT (Mar 2, 2011 at 7:53 AM):
I'm level 46, and besides the Raven Cove quest, its almost impossible for me to level up! How does everyone level up besides questing? :mad:

When i hit level 47 and no more quests, the fastest way i found to level to 50, was of all things,.lol, something i hated FISHING, if you are at level 20 in fishing, you can catch a fish every 45 seconds or so and get at least 200 reps, each just catch all shark and highest rep fish, took me to 50 in a day and half. Just dont mention fishing around me anymore i sick of it:( (oh and the above was my favorite thing to do, lol)