Favorite (valentine) Dessert

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Mine is frozen chocolate dessert with fruit (chocolate ice cream sundae with cherries, raspberries or strawberries, or chocolate ice cream cake with the same fruit).
rasberry-ice-cream-sunday-09.jpg OR chocolate-sundae.png

What is yours?
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omg that looks and sounds so good
its not really valentiney but i think its called Fritole its little italian donuts with agave necter
I like home made carmel chocolats and a nice vanella de bean ice cream toped with the fineset frinch donut hart shaped filled with rasberry jelly Than you have a dark chocolat mixture pored on top with a biscote fresh out of the oven. I make this all year. I have evan catered with them. FInal cost 60 dollers I use only the finest ingrediants imported form aroud the world
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