Fear made Flesh, The Legend of Blackbeard

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    I'm the only one left, out of 143 soldiers I'm the only one. We sailed across the Atlantic to deliver funds to Havana. El Amor Del Rey, one of the largest Galleons in his majesty's fleet armed to the teeth to protect his treasure. As we were nearing Cuba, there was a ship approaching us rapidly and we hear our lookout yell "Black Flag, they're pirates!". At first we only laughed because no pirate would be foolish to attach such a heavily armed vessel, especially it only being a frigate. But we soon recognized the ship approaching us after her hearing the description of her figurehead from survivors. Queen Anne's Revenge, even the most seasoned veteran quakes in fear of her name. We engaged her in full fledged combat, but we quickly realized the smaller ship wasn't because they couldn't get any bigger, but because it could out maneuver us drastically. We'd barely scratched the ship when our pride of The Spanish fleet was going very quickly taking on water. At first I thought they were just going to let us sink and collect the gold from the water, but no that thought was quickly dismissed as multiple grappling hooks connected to our ship dragging us to her. And that's when I saw him, his beard burning brighter than the sun and his eyes blacker than soot, with long pointed teeth. He was a demon made human, the fear I had felt then would never be trumped. I soon heard screams as they boarded and were killing us left and right, no one even attempted to fight back, we were all to fear stricken by El Diablo Blackbeard. I did the only thing I could do, I jumped off the ship and found a board and swam. I just swam, and ran and left them there to die. I quickly lost consciousness and found myself on this island, I may never see any other human being again, so all I can do is write this and hope someone finds it. The only message I am trying to convey here is Beware Blackbeard. If you know it's him, do not engage, run, just run.
    -Message in a bottle from Spanish Soldier stranded on unknown island
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    Very nicely written.
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    Great story!
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    ...sending out an S.O.S ...sending out an S.O.S. ...message in a bottle ...message in a bottle. ( song stuck in head now lol )

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