Feats Of Strength: Weekend #2 Wrap-up January 31, 2011

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Feats of Strength: Weekend #2 Wrap-Up

Another great event comes to a close. Pirates flexed their brawn as well as their brains to compete with each other in speed, skill and puzzle solving. Win or lose, one thing is for certain - you are all adventurers worthy of the name Pirate!
Thanks to everyone for participating and for those great friends who joined to cheer on their mates. A special mention goes to the Hessian Jagers who saluted the GMs and competitors with a bayonet salute while dressed in their finest solider uniforms. Cheers mates!

Also, the Marceline Guild would like to congratulate the following Guilds for notching multiple first place performances from their guild members: The Guardians, IceRage, McRaging, Partners N Crime, C & C Skel. Army, Gawain Warriors, INFERNO, Dark Archive and Crew of Jack Davi to name a few.

First Place Winners, Weekend #2:

Wenchie (?) The Guardians
Lady Chance (?) The Guardians
Eliza Storm (50) Fury Unleashed
Dirty Birdy (50) The Guardians
Thomas Goldhawk (37) INFERNO
Can Zam (28) The Weapon Master
Ally (?)
Johnny Cannonwrecker
Jack Pistol
Pirate (?)
Edgar Wildrat (44)
Sam Wildskull
Sam (14) Gawian Warriors
Daggerskull (43) Gawain Warriors
Misty (46) Silent Force
Sin Seer (?) Icerage
Rose McMorgan (?)
Chris Burnmenace (44) Hessian Jagers
Kate (?)
Danielle O Powder (?) Pieces of Me
Jim Fireflint (?) The Telltale Hier
Robert Scurvyshot (?) Peace Keepers
Jeffrey Hookgrin (?) Fortitudine Pirates
Molly Macmorgan (?)
Capt. Obvious (29) The Plunderground
Jason (?)
Captain Griffin Thorne (37) McRaging
Johnny Stormrage (?)
Hank (32) Hearts A Fire
Elizabeth Quinn (15) Crew of Jack Davi
Davy Bluebeard (?)
Skull Chest (?)
Shadowcat (?)
Dorothy (50) Anchor Management
Granny Smyth (?) Jess's Outlaws
Robert Cannonflint (48) Elite Thievery Co.
Billydaggerbones (32) PG
Buck Bankok (50) Partners N Crime
Margaret McSwine (22) Poderosos
Ben Hookbreaker (46) INFERNO
Flying Dutchman (41) Trust & Loyalty
Johnny Prawlbatten (?)
Athena De Avalanch (30) United Outlaws
Matt (38) McRaging
Syrilla (50) Rat_Pac
Lawrence Daggerpaine (50)
John Scurvybones (32) Savage Defenders
The Treasure Hunter (?)
Shadow James (38) Crim's Legacy
Ella Storm (50) Elite Thievery Co
Simon Cabinloather (50) Blades Eclipse
Captain Griffin Thorne (37) McRaging
Jack Davi (26) Crew of Jack Davi
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