Graphics Problem  Female PvP Tattoo Bug

Admiral Darkbane

Pirate Apprentice
So, I recently ranked up in PvP Infamy, and I went to Basil Calledougal to buy my new tattoos only to find... this.


The name of that tattoo on my cheek? Voodoo Goggle Tattoo. It should be around my eyes, not on my cheek. That's not the only one, however. I tried on the Eye Tattoo... and it's also on my cheek, nowhere near my eye. Male and female Eye Tattoo comparisons below.



As the screens show, this isn't a problem for guys. But is this happening other female players, or just me? And I apologize that my screens are kinda large.. I tried resizing them in the post but that didn't work for some reason.
Omg that is so weird i dont have those tattoos but they look cool. I see your point with the second one its a little of to the side
Lol nice glitch never seen that happen but I have seen a weird tatto glitch were your tattoos look like new zealand tribal tattoos.