First Person View

Should Pirates Online Have A first Person View For People Who Make Videos?

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Not only to make video (that's your thing, right, not really mine), but for me, I need a clear view of sceneries, background, events, etc. without my pirate getting in the way. So, a very big yes there.
Yeah sometimes I wanna show something, and to get 1st person I gotta back into a wall if there is a wall where I'm trying to show something. Lol.
I think I found out a way to get First person view. But you need shrinkin' grog. After that, zoom all the way in and hit F -12. That may work
Yeah totally.
I think we should have the option. I will add that many aspects of the game are and would be ALOT smoother with the sight of your pirate on the screen, but I do agree that for some things, first person would be very cool!