For Immediate Release: Pirates Online Praises Pirates Forums!.


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For Immediate release: 3/29/2011.

Pirates Online Praises Pirates Forums!.

Yes, that is right, Pirates Online in their comments regarded to pirates forums

"We appreciate and value your forums greatly. Keep up the great work!"

Yes, that is right Pirates Online wrote on their youtube channel comments in regards to our community. We are pleased with the comments and want to take a moment to thank all members to making this a great community!.

This press release is in accordance with the announcement posted here:

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Lol, you know that is the first place they look... ;)

i believe i have stated that many times when they said they acknoleged we were a forum for the game and that they would watch us or something like that and yet were still posting glitches all the time:p wonder what they thought
They don't mind if you post glitch pictures as long as you don't encourage it. It just gives them a way to figure out how to fix it. Wether or not Disney checks this site is a mystery.. They could be saying that so they don't lose the popularity of the people here or they actually do check in once in a while.
its quite possible that they dont i mean who knows how many other forums there are out there but i highly doubt if they do check the site they dong go and check the glitches
I'm on 3 forums sites. The only ones that i know of. Theres probably others tho. You never know where they check so always be following their rules.