For Those Who Are Living In C.a

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Yes, it says that on Isn't google awesome??
Thanks mate I was watching it on the news for like a few hours nothig big exept for currents Japan though is is really bad shape.
Aye I just found out my uncle and his friends went down to try to surf it but they didn't have much luck they only got normal waves lol and as everyone is saying Please stay safe and thank goodness we didn't get any really horible cotastrofys
Its kinda scary to have all these things happen around the world lately but i read online yesterday that the moon is closest to earth on the 19th march and it is called a Supermoon .They reckon that this might have alot to do with the earthquakes and floods and stuff that has happened recently also when hurricane Katrina hit it was a supermoon and also the indonesia tsunami i think back in 2004 was a supermoon also.. So who knows.
the sad thing is, i read the comments on youtube that people left on these videos for the tsunami and people like really crappy comments.. it's just pathetic. show some freaking respect people!
Ok for thoughs of you who don't know yet Japans Nukeuler power plants are currently in bad shape that will leade to a melt down which will make the plants explode or make offitals have to relise all of the nukeuler gas. Guys this is serouse we need to start worying for all the people there right now also Amarican Spestal teems are being sent with tones of supplyes there as we speak. Japain is in bad bad shape and we need to help.
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