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    Ahoy, everyone!

    Ready your ships! Weigh anchor and full canvas! Chart a course for Isla Tormenta! Forsaken Shallows is now live! Are you and your crew ready to brave the dangers that lie within? Use this here post to prepare yourself, for we’ve got the skinny on everything in this update!

    You can now loot new Cursed Blades! There are six legendary, eight famed, and five rare blades, totaling nineteen new swords! But it gets better! Many of these blades have brand new passive and active weapon skills! We wish we had some more details about these new swords, but they’ve been shrouded in secrecy. It’s up to you to discover what they are!

    There are also seven new bosses! Six of Davy Jones’ highest ranking men can now be found in Forsaken Shallows and Cursed Caverns. There’s also an all-new ghost boss at the Northern Idol in El Patron’s Mine, the dreaded Cicatriz. But be careful! She’s guarded by a group of underlings.

    But that’s not all in this update, mates! There’s also an all-new enemy type: Spout. Spouts are powerful voodoo practitioners that were shanghaied into service on the Flying Dutchman. They are found exclusively in Forsaken Shallows.

    So, where do you go to begin your adventure? Make your way to the Thrall Room in Cursed Caverns. There you’ll find a new tunnel leading to the dreaded new area.

    Oh! And one more thing. In celebration of this update, you can redeem the code DAVYHAT until April 24th for an exclusive new piece of clothing! And a word of warning: Make sure you have space in your inventory for the hat. If you don’t, you won’t receive the item and will be unable to redeem it again.

    Fair winds, mates! Best of luck braving the dangerous creatures that live in the shallows.

    ~ The Crew @ The Legend of Pirates Online
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    New Cursed Blades? Interesting, can't wait to see who gets one of the new Legendary ones first!
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    Are all of the new cursed blades only broadswords? I've only found one of the famed, and a couple of the rares, and they are all broadsword type.
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