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    Ahoy Forums Members,

    As we're all aware of it's that time of year where political and election discussions are starting up. However throughout history, we all should know that they tend to get heated up and don't usually end well.

    So in order to keep the peace we ask that everyone ease up on the political/election discussions so that we don't separate ourselves by our political beliefs. Their is a difference between mentioning what political side your in favor of and trying to hurt the image/reputation of the other party.

    Political/Election discussions when they get out of hand are filled with drama and flaming which we have zero tolerance for.

    We define drama and flaming as:

    No Drama
    We do not allow drama here. Please conduct yourself respectfully and don't cause trouble between any group or individual.
    We define drama as: controversial topics or behavior, or discussion, that could be based on uncertain information, or that are drastically emotional or highly emotional driven, seeking reaction from the rest.
    Persons responsible for drama could face a temporary or permanent ban.

    No Flaming

    Flaming is the posting of hostile or insulting messages to an individual or group. You may not harass or demean anyone based on appearance, race, gender, age, etc.

    Those who are caught starting drama on a topic concerning politics/elections will get a warning, may loose site privileges, or even be banned.

    Thank you for abiding by our terms and rules and fair winds.
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