Event Foulberto!!


Pirate Lord
Anyone wanna do it still?
Only if we work together to free Jack Cannonskull. He's been trapped in the cave with Foulberto in a perpetual battle of enormous proportions and Jack even sent in an alt, who was never seen again. My bird got a message from his bird that he's willing to pay a Kings ransom to free him.
We need a crew of strong pirates. I'd take a crew of lady pirates any day as they usually beat the eye patch off most pirates.
I can be found in the secret trading post most days after 3. Before 3 is my knitting classes that I never miss.
And of course, I walk the governors mastiffs before noon 4 out of 5 days a week.


Probably pick up after hallowed woods closes.
But, come to think of it. Foul is dead, isn't he.
according to game logic he is somehow living because silver says nou to him andd steel whacks him silly but lets hope it does pick up trying to solo him aint fun