From The Bottom Of Your Hearts.

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    This thread is for those of you who like poetry and like to read it or even if you do poetry.

    Post your comments on other's poetry or post your own, but remember, this is a friendly thread, so no making fun of others. Just have fun and see the hidden talents of your friends!:)
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    This was the thought bubble I used to get my friends guild from 9- 27 members in one day-

    "hi. im rose with a nose who lost her hose and as it goes i need a shoe please don't say boo you might make me scared and make me act like i care JOIN THIS GUILD"

    Talent, no. Randomness, yes. :D
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    WARNING: I am not a professional so this may stink..

    (No Title)

    She looks at me cold
    She holds me close when I am in pain
    She never lets a day stay plain

    I never find anger towards her
    She is my best friend, my everything,
    my reason for life


    I miss her when she's gone
    But with her in my heart, I know
    I'll never be alone


    She makes a day worth living
    I always find myself smiling when I'm around her
    She has not a care in the world,
    The nicest person you'll ever meet
    How she is so sweet.

    That probably was really bad but I thought of of it off the top of my head xD
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    With every single leaf of Calabash trees in Tortuga
    I’m reminded of that day
    I never knew the long journey ahead of me
    Which started with that whisper in my ear

    When he walked up to me
    Asking for a little more than a friendship
    I never knew that, from that narrow path
    My faith was sealed
    I was all alone
    in this unfamiliar place
    When he found me and became my first friend
    He introduced me to his home and friends
    And to the new world of friends and families
    That I never knew existed before

    I took my long break from this world
    Only to find that I was all alone again
    With only he as a friend
    Who invited me to his brand new home

    I thought I was as happy as I could be
    Had I not known that I could be so wrong
    I was torn between two worlds and two friends
    And I had tried to do my best
    To be a part of each
    But I knew it was never going to be enough

    I let my other self be revealed
    And I realized it right away
    That things would never be the same again
    From that moment on

    I watched people come and go
    I watched him leave and come back
    I listened and I healed
    and I watched the family for him
    I had done my part to help
    But sometimes things left me behind
    I was exhausted walking down that road
    I wanted something for myself
    My decision would be a path changing journey
    But I was ready to take a step
    To create something that I could call my own

    A noble man who had been a friend and a mentor
    Took me in with a warm welcome
    It seemed to be the most natural thing
    To be a part of that his family

    I enjoyed my time like I never did before
    In a true fellowship from people I called my family
    Who saw me grow and never put me down
    For having so many personalities
    I have been proven wrong over and over again
    And I found myself doing it again for a friend
    Fate met us at his ship
    As he sailed as a mighty Captain

    I left him only to find
    that I could not get away from him
    He said, “I want all the Jades that I can”
    As I’ve heard those words before

    I was taught so much of faithfulness
    Of what it meant to be a part of a family
    When he said he would leave
    I told him that I’d watch the family
    But I knew that he would never leave
    Cause he grew here and owned the family
    My palm had the word adventure edged on it
    I should’ve not expected anything less
    I have made friends all over the Caribbean seas
    And I wished I had had the power to multiply myself
    A hundred times more
    Just to make them happy and give myself more
    When he told me he wanted to leave
    I felt a knife stabbed into my heart
    He said it was time to move on
    But I refused to accept it

    He said, “Come with me, we’ll find a new home”
    I numbly followed him
    I said goodbye to my first home
    But a part of me died inside that day

    I asked him to follow me to my other home
    To meet my other me, my other friends and family
    But I had to move on
    And find my own destiny
    I was looking at a Titan, powerful and mighty
    But I was determined to be a part of
    The transitions gave me with so many emotions
    Alone and peculiar, with a part of my heart still left behind

    But I made my way through
    And I made my new home here
    Now I could tell myself
    That I would have a future with my new family right here
    I’ve been heartbroken so many times
    And I’ve seen broken hearts everywhere
    I know I will be broken hearted again
    And I will be breaking more hearts

    But if I had to do it all over again ….

    I’d walk that narrow path again
    I’d meet that man again
    And I’d be the Jade that I am
    All over again

    A tribute to Gold Shield, which was and will always be my first home,
    and to Freedom Republic, Crew Quarters, The Prophecy and Spania, which are and will be, my homes.
    A special thanks to Jim Daggerskull, who inspires me to write.