Fun With Pixie Pyrates

captian blackwidow

pixie pyrate is low in numbers, but off the charts in fun! tonight i got 2 levels of cannon, more gold than i can ever spend and tons of fun.
give us a glitch and we get max fun from. here you have a ship party pixie pirates style. best time i can remember for a sunday night in the game. go pixies, your a great guild!:party:
cool how can i do this glitch?

you have to get a galleon and go to the steering wheel. go to the steps to the right or left of the steering wheel. next run and jump to the left or right ( depends on which staircase you are on ) as early as you can. lastly, walk out of the ship.
Hope this helps
It was a great time Captain Blackwidow!
Thanks SO much for posting this screenie, I get easily distracted & forget to take 'em :oops:
Must have be all that Maple Syrup we are famous for, haha haha