PvP  Funn!!! Svs Lite Sloop Party.


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This was on a lite sloop tonight Lol. I think We went over the limit on how many people a lite can hold. This was on andaba while in svs. Started from a joke than we kept calling people over to come. Was really fun and funny since we were on a light sloop.
Wish i'd been part of that . Really 110 ppl on a light sloop. Must be a game record.
Can we do this when we board a ship. ha ha ha.
Wish we had a smilies ship . :arrrrr:
yo leo. saw igor on your ship. now ya all will be scraching for ever. lol go to petco and get a cure, me mates.
LoL we were aware, we all got washed on the salty water before we went our separated ways.

Igor a good guy tho. Helps a lot of people and has some great skill