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Recruiting Galactic Order

Hello if you are looking for a guild and desire to join one that's helpful and friendly Galactic Order is a great guild to join.

We are moderately active mostly around 5 - 9pm EST..
We have around 460 - 500 members.
- Ask before teleporting to others
- Ask before joining others in looting
- Be kind and respectful to others
- Help others whenever available
- Have fun

-All disputes of any kind we ask you to please handle in private messages/whisper if the issue is not solved please notify an officer of the situation.
- The rank of veteran is given to you at level 20 if you are level 20 when you join you wont automatically be promoted..
- The rank of officer is earned not given just know to be officer you MUST be in the Discord and level 25..
- Officers are recommended by other officers or veterans whom speak to an officer.

- Must be level 10 to join
- No guild uniforms
- Guild Colors are Green and Black
-We do have a Discord all are welcome to join
(Feel free to shoot me a pm on discord at Boots#8443 or on here if you have any questions..)

- Mat/Skull/Loot Runs
- Cards Against Humanity/Scribble.io games (Discord)
- Boss farming
- Voice Chat hour (Discord)
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