Game Cards Are Getting Harder To Find...

Basil Darkratte

Site Founder
... Where I am anyway. Best Buy doesn't sell them, nor does target. And The CVS I have, only has one left. The only place to get them, is all the way in manhattan. They Should at least restock.
I just never get it ... Why CVS? Nothing against CVS Pharmacy at all, it is a good all-around drugstore, and maybe has a chain in most part of the US. But no bigger chain than nationally known supermarkets/supercenters, and there is no need to do research on that. I agree with John, if any other game is available at Target and WalMart, why wouldn't Disney (Potco) choose a larger chain to partner with?

Whatever business deal they have with the CVS group, they are losing more potential customers who are more familiar and have more access to other big supermarkets/supercenters.
There is only one more card. At the CVS where I go, I hope no one else see it. ( I put that last card waaay in the back, the last time I was there lol)
I just got the last won :sad1: my only hope now is manhattan, and even they don't have much. After all is gone.... that's it for me...
See I never have to worry about game cards... Have had a monthly subscription since the first year I played. Just keeps renewing :)

That is if an adult registered for you when you first got in using his/her credit card, right? The problem is, not everybody can use credit card yet. So there has to be another option to buy other than through CVS ... that's just ridiculous to have only one supplier for anybody who can't use credit card ...
Where i live i can never find game cards at Best Buy or at CVS there are a bunch of other game cards there though. Now i just get unlimited by credit card :)
I used to find them all the time at the Target and Best Buy stores right down the street from me. That was late 2009 I believe. I haven't seen any game cards at stores since....
I think they should put them in other stores cause where i live none of the stores listed has them and there is no CVS's in this state.