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I finished watching Episode 3 thanks to someone who was streaming it and i really enjoyed it. My only gripe with Episode 3 was the ending itself. That could have been better in my opinion. Not gonna give out spoilers since there's probably people here who haven't watched it yet.

All in all i'm impressed. Looking forward to the last 3 episodes.

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I'm with KFK... I'm very drained emotionally but super hyper at the same time...I took part in too much of Tyrion's favorite past time while watching, so between that and the adrenaline I'm bouncing off of the walls in chats, etc. I cried for a few people tonight. Some of my predictions came true... Shocked about one thing... overall it felt like I was at the movies... WOW.


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I wish they wouldnt have made her the mad queen but if thats the way they want to go fine. But like with this season being only 6 episodes it felt rushed and out of nowhere. She completely broke after everything she lost and she broke hard.

The cinematography was great, Cleganebowl was awesome, his arc ended a great way.

Cersei shoulda got a harsher death imo, and Jaime I guess he got what he wanted, dying in the arms of the woman he loves :smh:

Sad there is only 1 more episode