Gaming of a different kind

Chris Hookfish

Honorable Pirate
I got my 1st PC in 1996 and quickly became hooked on FPS gaming. I own most of the more popular FPS shooters and a some of less popular ones too. I have spent time in a few different clans, even been a game server and website Admin in one of the groups. At one time I could be found every night shooting it up. Maybe I am getting old but I don't play those games quite as much as I used too and I started looking for a different kind of gaming. I have never been very interested in MMORPG gaming and have tried a few but they just didn't do much for me.
POTC however seems to at least for the moment kind of grown on me. ;)

Now off to sink some ships...

Bobby Flat Foot

Pirate Lord
I <3 MMORPGs. You are not only going though the game, but you can do it and make friends, do things together, complete "quests" together. I just love MMORPGs....


Site Founder
Yea, at least MMORPG where I don't click-snooze-click-walk away get some snacks-click-daydream ... :lol1:
I just love sailing, it's different than shooting and slashing. Good for you, Chris, hopefully you'll play Potco for a long time!