Getting A Hosted Forum For Your Guild

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Are you in need of a home for your guild? Maybe you are actively recruiting, and want to get your name out there. Well, look no further, as we here at Pirates Forums offer Hosted Guild Forums!

Here are some things you can do having a Hosted Guild Forum...
  • Have a home for your guild
  • Promote your guild
  • Keep your guildmates up to date with events, updates, and news
  • Have a place where your guildmates can go to see what all is going on in the game
  • Get a custom guild name tag
  • Just to name a few :)
Yes, we do have some requirements in order to be able to obtain a Hosted Guild Forum. Here are some things that we request:
  • That your guild be at least 5 months old
  • Have at least 20 members with at least 10 of them here on Pirates Forums
  • Have a decent set of rules in place that are upheld in the game and here
  • Organization is always a good thing
  • Be active here on Pirates Forums
If you think you are ready to obtain a Hosted Guild forum, please start a discussion with one of the Pirates Forums Admins.

*We reserve the right to suspend a hosted forum if we believe is for the best of the community.

*Any of the above guidelines are subject to change anytime, without previous notice.

If you have any questions contact us here.
I will try to bring my guild.. btw.. I already added a link to this forum on my guild page
i wonder if i can bring my old they were real active with any thing that was a challenge (cant spell!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ): )
Not open for further replies.