Glare Pics

Rose Sunslipper

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Peanut and me! o.o (is it me or I? I never know...)

Helping with a Thirsty Souls video... (Thank you Peanut for inviting me :eek:)


red beard

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heres one of my favorite glare shots.

it seems a girl in our guild was just a little upset with our old pal dark hart.

Captian Morgan Kid

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heres my screen shots for the glare thing.
my old friend on kingshead was very unhappy that spanias little esme was kicking some navy backside and i was the one that brough her there.
and this one gee, all i did was ask meghan why she was chasing crazy ned around with a blunderbus. i mean the poor guy never got over it. he was more afrade of these girls than he was of the rage ghosts