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Why Glitch? Hmmm Interesting question. You can find many interesting things that were placed in the game early on that for some reason or another were never removed and just left there and a new item was placed over it!!! Ex: At Padres del fuego the hidden dingy in the rocks! still usable . At Kingshead, The lake in the middle of the fort. Just a couple to name of. Glitching is being able to look at what the creators see when they come up with these amazing graphically correct areas. It also fun to see the confusion on some of the enemies faces when your unexpectedly in their space or just out of their reach. Most glitches will not stop the enemy from attacking you if you confront them first! So why glitch? Its for the curious... the bored..or the challenge.
The entire game field, as far as your Avatar is concerned is real, however keep in mind what you see as a player is more like a piece of fabric, (Shirt , if you will) that has seams. When entering or attempting to enter a glitch, whether with a laptop or desk top, you are bypassing the fabric through a seam.
Enter in slowly and remember where you are and what you are doing!! By entering too fast you may find yourself right back outside or falling into water(which by the way some glitches require), but in any event relax! breathe deep and try pushing your way thru using F9 or a simple little wiggle of the mouse. the right mouse button must be held down always as you attempt a glitch.Laptops require more practice. The Secret cave or waterfalls glitch at Ravens Cove or Waterfalls Glitch at Royal Caverns are two good examples of taking it slowly.

A note: Wireless mouse are are almost impossible to use for glitches.
^_^ Sometimes, it's just plain fun even though there is something else to do.
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So I'm getting ready to walk out the door and it just hits me...


A note: Wireless mouse are are almost impossible to use for glitches.[/quote]
thanks for sharing this commnader. Wow . I have a Wireless mouse and i come accross a lot of glitches. Just think of all the ones i am missing. Dang wireless mouse. he he
I love glitches! I get a kick out of how many little things are left in the game... kind of sloppy I think but still interesting. Apparently the old pdf is in the mountains now... I wish I could get to it.
Lol I have a labtop and a wireless mouse and I have yet to find a single glitch I can't do.

Ditto here...sometimes I'll lean back with my wireless Wii keyboard and it seems find. I found that if you click on your own player card repeatedly it can push you into some glitches faster and easier rather than use F9.