Going To Be Away From The Forum For A Couple Of Days

Be careful with the move. *Lift with your legs, and not with your back! Cya soon, matey...
Good luck! Enjoy decorating the house and don't think too much about the forum ... But as soon as you get online, the forum should be the FIRST place you go to! :p
Aye, Red.. it's all been said, but I'm hoping your move is going smoothly.. never an easy task but hopefully always the beginning of a new adventure!.. be safe.
Well the move went fairly well I'm out of the snow and into a warmer climate. I ended up at the ER on christmas eve with and outbreak of bronchitus so am on antibiotics and recuperating.
Welcome back Red, nice to have you back. Sorry to hear about the bronchitis, hope you are well soon. Glad to hear your move went well, enjoy the warmer weather. :piratemickey: