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From the staff team over in Grief, we are happy to announce Grief's 2019 Reunion & Diabetes Cause. We decided to take this moment with our reunion to address something that's unfortunately befallen a dear member of our guild: Type 1 Adolescent Diabetes. Dakota is a great and savvy member of Grief. Unfortunately, he has been diagnosed with Type 1 Adolescent Diabetes at the age of 15. Within getting to know Dakota, he has expressed his hobbies with us and what he likes to do in his free time such as playing video games, being interested in football, being very involved in computer technology, and programming. Dakota also wants to attend Appalachian State University after he graduates from high school. With his new found diagnosis, he and we as well want to educate some of our guild members as well as the rest of the TLOPO community about just what Diabetes is and what it can do to a person, as well as prevention methods with or without the disease. We've been doing a little research into what sites would help educate the public, and we've looked over two that we think are decent in explaining and providing resources and educational material.

Beyond Type 1

Beyond Type 1 is the largest diabetes organization online for funding advocacy, education and cure research. At the top of their home page they have tabs that will take you to what the site is about and for, everything diabetes material-wise, stories from others who've made it through this disease, and resources for diabetic patients who don't know where to start with this diagnosis. There are also programs that you can join on your own to help stay in a community of people who understand just how this works. Below if you scroll, there are donation options and news for you to catch up on with the community of diabetic patients. This is one of the top sites to go to for diabetic patients worldwide. Not to forget they have a link in their about tab to get to a specific Type 2 Diabetes website they founded for the same purpose.

American Association of Diabetes Educators
Another website we'd like to talk about holds a very deep impact to the online users in the diabetic world who have networked over it and not only the struggles of diabetes but what it may cause, such as mental health. Mental health is now recognized as a critical component of any diabetes care plan because if issues go unrecognized and untreated, care can become undermined and diabetes management impeded. AADE--also known as the American Association Of Diabetes Educators--is a multi-disciplinary professional membership organization dedicated to improving diabetes care through innovative education, management, and support. With more than 14,000 professional members including nurses, dietitians, pharmacists, exercise specialists, and others; AADE has a vast network of practitioners working with people who have, are affected by, or are at risk for diabetes.

In this portion, we want to take the opportunity to let you, the members of our guild and of TLOPO, make the whole-hearted decision to donate to the cause of finding cures to this unfortunate disease that plagues an average of 1 in 11 people worldwide. You can go onto either of the websites we've listed above to donate however you wish, or we've provided a link below to another donation site with the American Diabetes Association. You can donate to whomever you choose, but we figured we'd set up a specific cause for Dakota and other people who are affected or at risk.



Grief's 2019 Reunion & Diabetes Cause will start at 9PM EST FRIDAY 2/1/19 On Abassa server and will consist of 2 phases that all players in TLOPO can contribute too, (this also includes donating to the following links that we've provided for our diabetes cause if you want to participate); Before the event starts, Guildmaster @JimHexcrash will briefly explain in-game about the cause and why we want to educate the community on this topic. Moving forward at 9:00pm we'll be doing material runs for 1 hour dedicated to our member Dakota, and at 10:00pm we'll be looting General Darkheart for 30 minutes and then 30 minutes of Neban The Silent till 11:00pm. (We have taken into consideration if Abassa's server goes down we'll be switching immediately to Andaba's server as an alternative.) We thank you generously from Grief!


For More Details Contact: @JimHexcrash

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