Question Has any one here read Nights Arose by Andrea Roche?


Wiki Staff
I was curious about what you thought. I had seen ads and a video teaser for this book on Facebook and Twitter. It looks very interesting and I'm thinking about taking a gander.

"In a time and place where women are bred to be lambs, Arose has the soul of a tigress. It is 1693 on the isle of Jamaica, twenty-one-year-old Arose Du Mouchelle is the mixed-race heir to a sprawling sugar plantation. From an old gypsy, she receives a matriarchal heirloom: the Gem of the Red Spirit. She spends years in exile, learning its secrets and mysteries, the most important of which is the ability to enter the Astral Plane. In exchange for her powers, Arose must act as the sentry between this dimension and her world, forcing back the creatures held captive there."

Then, I had a chance to talk to author. She's one of us, mates. Inspired by the world of Pirates and Pirates Online, but her tale appears to be something whole cloth from her own imagination.

It's available from Amazon in Print or Kindle versions.