Have You Been JMak'ed?


Pirate Lord
This thread died, and I don't know why.

Let's get it active again, shall we?
I somehow got the impression that certain flexing is considered an insult? If so, I don't see the 'all good fun' part. Also, after being here for over two years, I also believe a player and his/her alts can do a whole team of jmarking with their own account. So there's that.


OK, I'm not saying Jmaking isn't cool or fun or whatever, but I find relocating AFK pirates waaay more rewarding and fun!
When a fellow sleepy pirate is just lounging around, I like to have NPC foe push them around, relocating them to some obscure corner of the game!
Basically you aggro the NPC, then have the slumbering pirate in between you and the oncoming foe, where each time the NPC advances, it walks the sleepyhead further down the road.
I had this guy dragged from the "point" up the road at Tormenta, all the way past the Gold Room!
It's fun AND rewarding!
Try it, you'll LOVE it!